Where your data is stored

Other apps store your sensitive conference room appointment data on foreign servers or in clouds. We do it differently: All information used is transferred exclusively between iPad and your corporate calendar. Promised!

Your data belongs only to you. Our app does not require any additional servers to store data from your calendar system.

Apple connects the iOS Calender System with your Calender Server and our App prepares the whole for you optically appealing. This means that our app does not store any of your data at a second location.

"Transparency is important" Therefore we can tell you in good conscience that the only internet queries are for the validity check of your license status.

If you want to know all the details, check our privacy policy

At the beginning there is the synchronization of your apple ipad with your Calendar Server. However the Connection is completly owned by yourself and the Calendar Data will only be transfered between the Calendar Server and apple Device. All Security is at apple and your Server.

The next Part is the Connection Between the Conference App and Your iCal Calendar. Therefore the app asks for Calendar Access, beacause the Calendar App wont be functional without Calendar Data. The App is acting like a Apple iCal Calendar HUD which overlays the Calendar and brings some programmed logic within. The App concept is that you can only write or cancel self initiilised AdHoc Bookings. All other ApĆ¼pointments cant be accessed / changed. For the Adhoc Bookings the Conference App is writing a new item to your connected Calendar. You can choose the Title and some other configurations.

The last part ist out License Server. If youre using a Company Licence Model our Licence Server is involved by checking the right usage of app licence Volume. In this Fall the App connects to our server and sends the following Data:

  1. license key
  2. [identifierForVendor](https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uidevice/1620059-identifierforvendor)
  3. [name identifying the device](https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uidevice/1620015-name) (only for support)

These values are stored on the server and connected to the expiration date of the subscription and your company name. The data is only kept to verify the subscription.