How to transfer a configuration to multiple devices

If you have the need to configure mutiple devices, you can quickly do this with a json file.

On every start a configTemplate.json file is created. You can find the file in the directory of the ConferenceRoom app on your device. First open or install the "Files" app and navigate to the directory. On older devices use iTunes file sharing (on a Mac you will find it in the finder after connecting the device, on Windows use iTunes).

Copy the file as config.json and edit it according to your needs. Afterwards copy it back to your device (and do a hard app restart with the task switcher). For each setting you will find a short description directly in the file. The settings menu represents the same structure.

If you are satisfied with the changes, you can transfer the final config.json to any of your other devices to apply the settings there as well.


The file configTemplate.json will be reset to its default values every time the app is started. All changes will be overwritten/deleted. Therefore: do not edit configTemplate.json. Always save the changed file under a different file name.

Please note:

If you use a logo and/or background image, you must also transfer these files to your other devices.