How to use monitoring


The app offers the possibility to start an http server. This serves to be queried by external monitoring tools.

To activate the functionality, please go to Menu » General » Internal HTTP Server » On
and specify a port (for example 8080).

For testing please take the IP address of the iPad (Settings » WiFi » Info Button at connected WiFi » IP address) and add the assigned port (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.:8080).

Computer and iPad have to be connected to the same wireless network.Type the following in your browser to get feedback:

The following values are returned:

  • deviceTimestamp
  • appVersion
  • battery level
  • battery status
  • calendar

Here's an example query:
deviceTimestamp=2019-08-14-22-52-50, appVersion=1.1, batteryLevel=18, batteryStatus=unplugged, calendar='Calendar'

From the given values, an automated alarm can be generated with certain monitoring systems at critical values such as low battery status or when the power cable is disconnected.