Basics about the app usage

Basics about the app usage

Thank you for your interest in using our app. In the following lines we explain to you what you need to make the app work fundamentally.


  • 1. You need an iPad / iPhone with at least iOS 9.3
  • 2. You need login credentials for your calendar account (i.e. if you want to use the display for a conference room you need to use the room account or an account which has a subscription to the room account (Check for details our FAQ for your calendar system).
  • 2a. If you have a calendar release without direct access data, you cannot make ad hoc bookings under o365.
  • 2b. If you have a write authorized user for Google Calendar, this user can use the app to the full extent.
  • 3. You need an internet account + the conference room app
  • 4. Try unlimited (interacting limitations activated) or choose your monthly package

What happens next?

  • 1. Connect your calendar account to the iOS system (connect to the calendar Exchange / o365 / Google)
  • 2. Secure your iPad (turn off Push Notifications + secure iPad from unwanted interactions
  • 3. Set up the conference room app according to your needs (i.e. colors, wallpapers, fonts, booking times, appointment details, etc.)
  • 4. Start using it

How to secure the device?

First of all secure it with a wall mount. There are models which also lock the buttons which ensures that the device is only used as a calendar display.

If you run a MDM system, you can setup Single App mode. This helps the operation of the device and adds another layer of security.

Without MDM, you might want to use Guided Access.